As you know, betting on sports has definitely become really big, especially this year. Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is in their houses, and they have access to the internet with the help of the devices. They are all making use of the Internet to place bets. It also happens to be a relatively new type of betting, which is off to a really good start. It is because of the fact that it has gained so much popularity and traction over the last couple of years. We can thank the internet for it. The growth has been undoubtedly explosive, and it has been estimated that global sports betting has reached almost $30 billion. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is certainly a huge figure, because when you consider that E-sports is still under the radar for a lot of people, to some extent. The entire sports fan base is really huge nowadays, and it can be compared to the fan base of sports like football, tennis and soccer. Some people do not have any idea what esports is all about. They do not know anything about betting on them as well.

This guide is for people who need to know something about esports.

E-Sports Guide

Okay then, what exactly are E-sports and how does the sports betting really work?

You will be finding the answers to these questions in this guide. It has been appropriately compiled so that you can have a decent guide that you can look at when you require information about esports.

The term esports is actually short for electronic sports, and it refers to the competitive world of video gaming and everything all about video gaming. That is why, we are talking about individuals who are playing video games against each other, and there are competitions as well. This is nothing new because it has been around for a really long time. Ever since the advent of console gaming and PC gaming, Esports has become huge. When the multiplayer interface was introduced, the entire gaming industry boomed. You can play with your friends; friends who are all the way on the other side of the world. You can play against anyone on the internet, if you want to. Sometimes, you will actually be playing with strangers. You just have to purchase a console, a controller and a headset.

Here are some examples of esports gaming:

  1. Battlefield
  2. Dota 2
  3. Smart
  4. Overwatch
  5. Super Smash Bros
  6. Call Of Duty (COD)
  7. PUBG
  8. Halo
  9. Counterstrike
  10. League Of Legends

These are some of the games that came to mind. They have been some of the best games in the industry, and you can play them for hours on end, with your friends.