Esports betting has become a favourite pastime. Thousands fight each day and bookmakers offer an assortment of betting options. Esports is here for esports enthusiasts and will guide them through the esports world! Our team has everything necessary information that gives you a clear perspective on betting on esports. How can one place bets for e-sports? We also talk about the important criteria you need to pick an unbiased online bookmaker to wager on eSports.

Esports betting – What you need to know

When the gaming industry was booming, the sports betting industry didn’t fare much worse. Moreover, the growing popularity of esports has led to a rise in online betting. This section covers everything you need to know to get started on a successful betting platform including links to reputable providers.

The simplest answer is esports — a video game competition game played among individuals or teams. This differs from simple Videogame in that players have to compete with other players instead of competing with computers. Esports is a diverse genre that has exploded in popularity in the years since the introduction of online esports.

Esports Tournaments

The esports industry is a leader in attendance, viewing numbers and prize money. A good esports betting site can cover all the most important tournaments in detail and allows you to wager at other smaller tournaments and online leagues.

The League’s world championships have huge viewers who have over 385 million watching over 395,787 hours of competitive action. The Fortnite World Cup or the Extreme Masters Katowice are similar, the viewing statistics for many millions are staggering.

Is esports betting like traditional sports betting?

Betting on eSports is different in a way from traditional bets, but you should learn the game quickly as the odds increase for the betting of the same game. What are e-sports betting methods? This is essentially a traditional bet that you win! Choose a sports bet market and look at showcasing your best sports odds. The big benefit of esports betting has to do with more interactive social media and communities.

Use betting exchanges to your advantage

I’ve used betting exchanges to make a lot of money. I’ve also used them to lose a lot of money. Betting exchanges are a great way to make money, but they can also be a great way to lose money. My suggestion is to use betting exchanges to your advantage. Don’t bet the maximum amount you can bet. If you lose, then move on. Know the risks associated with different bets, and only bet what you can afford to lose.

A big thing about the esports industry is that the games become popular over time, and eventually attract more people who are interested in them. However, the esports betting market still consists of relatively limited numbers. At the top of the tree is the League of Legends Dota 2 multiplayer battle arena and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a first-person shooting game in a series of matches.

How do you deposit to bet on esports?

This is the exact opposite of conventional sports betting online. Most banks can make deposits on a bank’s account or withdraw money directly.

Using cryptocurrency to bet on sports is becoming increasingly widespread. Previously regarded as a somewhat obscure market, cryptocurrency betting is now a profitable industry.

Many bookmakers have thus integrated cryptocurrency payments along with other common method payments on their websites and now they also offer specialist services to accept cryptocurrency only payments.

Not only this but the top site now offers numerous other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin for depositing with them with some common cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among the more widely available.

MasterCard and Visa have become the most commonly used methods of deposits in sports betting. Players like it due to its simplicity and integrated safety features. American Express customers face problems despite their ability to use their credit cards as deposit methods. Generally, the deposit amount has relatively low limits or limitations.

What are your esports betting strategies for getting ahead of the competition?

First, do some research on which team is the best bet to win. Yes, you can bet on underdog teams, but it’s better to bet on teams that have proven records.

Consider a classic underdog bet might be to bet on a 9-8 underdog. All things being equal, 8 wins should be exactly x number of wins from a perfect 9-8, and any difference between the actual number of wins and 8 is just 1 point. Betting against an underdog is calling the wrong team. If you lose and that happens, it could be that the actual margin is exactly what you expected to happen, or it might be the other way around.

The best bet for an underdog is probably the favourite. The favourite typically is the team that’s winning the most games and is expected to finish with more wins. Based on historical performance, betting the favourite on a 9-4 could be very profitable and risky for the same reasons.

If you’re new to the market (or worse yet, the underdog), then think long and hard before picking the favourite or underdog. I strongly recommend this article about how to pick the right sports fantasy team matchups.
Next, which team accounts for the most total wins? There are obvious answers to this question, such as in soccer or baseball, but even more, nuanced answers exist.

One could argue that the polarizing favourite is the team with the most home-field advantage (e.g., the home team in football/baseball). Or, the underdog could be favourites in basketball and soccer, yet lose at the end of baseball (the only team sport in which soccer is played at an end-to-end sequence of overs and as a penalty earlier in the game, while basketball is played scoreless give-or-take baseball games in a 1 on 1 format). Truly savvy bettors research their bets and choose the best bet for their fantasy team.