Gaming is one field that is always under traction, leading to constant discussions and news. People love to explore more about this world that contains multiple themes and characters. Video games have come a long way from the slot devices that enabled 2D gaming to the current state of things. We have gone from games like Mario and Runescape to Fortnite and Call of Duty. Everything has taken a step of advancement in gaming to an extent where the technologies rule the space rather than the concept. However, popular games are introducing these innovations on their platforms to help pervade both the game and technology. The future of gaming seems bright now, with the technological advancements setting a path for all products to grow. Let us look at some of the most advanced technologies used in gaming these days.

1.      Facial Recognition

Your interest in gaming only increases with facial recognition and 3D scanning technologies. Custom avatars can be created in every game with this feature, allowing yourself to be the character on the battlefield. Expressions can also be transferred to the digital creations to make the whole session more engaging. The Intel RealSense 3D camera has been launched to help developers create games that can easily adapt to the gamer’s emotions. The game can be controlled with these expressions as well; the difficulty can be dialed down when you let out a few grimaces to the screen.







2.      Voice Recognition

If you are that gamer who is lazy to be physical in the session, voice recognition technology will help you stay away from the controller. You wouldn’t need any such device to control your gaming techniques and progress. Although voice-controlled gaming has been around for some time now, not many people have used it to its fullest potential. Computers can recognize voice commands of the player to turn the conditions of the game in the favored direction. This tech can be used not only to turn the console on and off but also to control the gameplay. You can also use it to play selections from your playlist, interact on social media, and search on the web.

3.      Gesture Control

A few waves of your hand are all it requires to play games these days. You can completely eliminate controllers and recognition techs and opt for gesture control to start playing the games. Users are allowed to connect with the game with a few natural movements. Gesture control can be tested using a 3D camera that tracks all the 22 points on your hand. A movement of your hand can easily lead all the soldiers on the battlefield.

Virtual Reality

4.      Virtual Reality

A fully immersive gaming experience is guaranteed by the games coming with virtual reality headsets. Although not many consoles have been developed as of yet, the demand for it is increasing as several online gaming sites are introducing the technology to their platform. The fine line between reality and virtual aspects will blur with this technology’s applications.