Gaming and gambling are often mistaken for each other and are also used in the wrong places. People are yet to explore the vast space of convergence, though many countries have made a huge amount of money from these industries. Video games haven’t replaced outdoor games, but children have started spending more time on these screens than on the ground, meaning there is an apparent pervasion of the luxury of visiting a new world at the cost of some electricity. The high-definition gaming opportunities are giving everyone the chance to win money from the sessions on the consoles. Esports has grown over the years to have become one of the most popular gambling options. Plenty of games are being developed in the industry to keep the gamblers and gamers engaged, but not every creation succeeds in attaining a strong position in the market. Here is a list of the top esports games that award colossal prize money.

1.      Dota 2

Valve’s Dota 2 is yet another multiplayer online battle area game that created a massive fanbase across many communities. Two teams of five players take on each other on the battlefield to destroy the fortification built by the opposite team. Every character is a hero with a different set of abilities. For any video game created in the past decades, Dota 2 has been the strongest player in the esports scene, with a prominent position in the market. The Dota Pro Circuit professional league created by Valve was to get teams to compete to gain points, enabling each group to be qualified for the International League. To be on top of the league in terms of the prize money offered is a feat not many games have managed to achieve. Around 1446 tournaments have been hosted in total, with 3482 players to offer whopping prize money of $228,064,706.

Dota 2

2.      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This first-person shooter game was also developed by Valve in 2012. Terrorists are present on the field as the attacking team, attempting to bomb the sites. On the other side of the field, the Counter-Terrorists will only try to stop them. Counter-Strike is the oldest esports game since it has been in the market for more than two decades. The massive fanbase of the game has lent it the longevity that many other games failed to attain. Thousands of people tune in to watch the show on the screen, with the valve’s promotions working wonders to help the whole game grow into one of the successful bets. Around 13,125 players have signed up and made money from the games in the past 5301 tournaments. They were offered prize money of 103,278,035 to make CS: GO the second-biggest game in terms of the prize.


3.      Fortnite

Unlike many other video games, Fortnite managed to achieve great feats in a short time, further building its empire worldwide. The feature of players being able to harvest materials make this game stand out among the other battle royale games. Fortnite has been played with 4221 players in 671 tournaments to give away around $99,319,711 as prize money.